The Path To Being My Own Boss


Welcome to the path, my dear friend, to being your own boss. What started as a personal chronicle has turned into a collective vision; as helping others is the surest way to help oneself, I’m sharing the same concepts that were once shared with me.

The purpose here is to help and encourage others to be their own boss, and make the personal journey from a wage slave to a prosperous, liberated boss of oneself. The information is intended to be personal, to make you think, take self-inventory, and take responsibility of your process. With practice and persistence, you’ll soon realize your dreams, and be the best boss you ever had. If you don’t, someone else will surely do it for you. Hence the title:

“My Journey to Being My Own Boss, and Yours Too”

I’d like you to start at entry #1 and read your way through to the most recent, but I’m currently not the boss of you, so you can do whatever you like :-).

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